Tier et Tout Roulette strategy

easy-win-rouletteWhile the Tier et Tout Roulette is not nearly as well known as some other strategies for winning at roulette, it can be very effective when it is used properly, and those who try it out often find it to be a favorite roulette system.

Like some other systems for winning at roulette, Tier et Tout Roulette is a positive progression system, meaning that you use the house’s money to increase your bets, so that the impact of any one loss is minimal to you.

When you are playing with the Tier et Tout Roulette method, winning streaks can mean that your money grows very rapidly. To use the system effectively, you can take your original bet out of the equation when you hit these kind of streaks and just play with the money that you’ve won from the house.

Like all strategies, Tier et Tout Roulette takes practice, which you can easily get by playing at an online casino.

The Basics of the Tier et Tout Roulette Method

Here is how you use the Tier et Tout Roulette Method:


  1. Start with a bank roll that is divisible by three. For our example, we will be using 9 chips to make things as simple as possible. All of your bets with the Tier et Tout Roulette Method will be on the even money outside bets: the reds, the blacks, the highs, the lows, the evens and the odds.
  1. Start by placing one third of your chips on one of the outside bets. For our example, you would wager 3 chips.
  1. If you lose, you will bet the remaining six chips on the next spin. Let’s say for this example that you win in your second spin and now have 12 chips.
  1. You will now break your winnings into thirds again, so you will have three groups of four chips. First, you bet the first set of chips. If you lose, you will bet the second set of chips. Either way, you will have 16 chips if you win.
  1. Now, 16 chips is not divisible by three, so you would take one chip out of your winnings and put it aside. You would now divide the 15 remaining chips into three to get three groups of five. The first five chips are bet on your next spin. If you lose, you will bet the next 10 chips. If you win either time, you will have 20 chips.
  1. Add your one extra chip to the 20 chips to make the number divisible by 3. Then, you divide the chips into thirds again, ending up with three groups of seven chips. You will bet the first seven chips on the first spin, and if it loses, you will bet the remaining 14 chips on the second spin. You would end up with 28 chips if either spin wins.
  1. To make your chips divisible by three, you would set aside one chip, leaving you with 27. When you divide the 27 chips into thirds, you end up with three groups of nine chips. You would bet nine on your first spin and then 18 on the second spin if it the first spin loses. If either spin wins, you will have 36 chips plus your spare chip.
  1. Now, you divide the 36 chips into thirds, giving you three groups of 12 chips. Just as before, you first wager 12 chips, and if you lose on your first spin, you will bet 24 chips on the second spin. A win with either spin will leave you with 48 chips plus your spare chip.
  1. At this point, you have won a lot, so you may wish to put some of your chips aside as profit. For this example, you decide to take out three chips, leaving you with four set aside and 45 to divide by three. You end up with 15 chips to bet on your first spin and 30 chips to bet on your second spin if you lose on the first. If you win on either spin, you will end up with 60 chips plus your extra four.
  1. Like before, you divide your 60 chips into three groups, each of which as 20 chips. Your first spin bet will be 20, and your second spin bet if necessary will be 40 chips, giving you a total of 80 chips plus your four spare chips if you win.
  1. You set aside five additional chips to take the amount in play to 75, and you have nine chips left in your pocket. After dividing 75 chips into three sets of 25, you bet 25 on the first spin and 50 on the second spin if you need to. Your winnings if either spin wins would bring you to 109 chips total.

As you can see, you began playing with only nine chips but were able to finish with 109 chips. You can look at the table below for a simple summary of how the Tier et Tout Roulette Method works.

Keep in mind that at any point, if you lose two spins in a row, your winnings will be wiped out. As a result, you may choose to set more aside as you play and wager less.

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