Paroli Roulette System

Paroli-RouletteThe Paroli roulette method is a system for betting on roulette that makes it possible to win large sums without having to risk a lot of money with high wagers in the process. Compared to some other roulette betting systems, the Paroli method is seen by many to be a low stress option, and it is rather straightforward once you have practiced it.

As a result, this method of play can be great for players who want to have a fun, yet profitable experience at the table. Because you’re not making huge wagers, you don’t have to stress as much when you lose a spin, which is why many people prefer the method of playing roulette over some other options like the Fibonacci Roulette method. Read on to learn more about the Paroli roulette method and how it works.

Benefits of the Paroli Roulette Method

To understand the advantages of using the paroli roulette method, you only need to take a closer look at the Labouchere Roulette, which is considered by many to be the most commonly used roulette strategy. With Labouchere Roulette, you basically double your bet each time that you lose, so that you can recoup two losses with each win. As a result, when you end up on a losing streak at the roulette table, you can quickly begin to find yourself making very large bets.

The Paroli roulette method is the exact opposite of the Labouchere Roulette. You only increase the size of your bet when you win. As a result, you take more risk when you are winning and are unlikely to become as stressed while you play.

While you do risk less when you use the Paroli roulette method instead of the Labouchere Roulette system, you need to keep in mind that there still is risk involved. You still can end up not winning at the tables even if you use the system correctly.

After all, roulette is at its heart a game of chance. Still, many beginners will find that they’re more relaxed and comfortable when playing with the Paroli roulette system at an online casino.

The Basics of the Paroli Method for Playing Roulette

With the Paroli Method, you can place any type of bet that you wish, but it is generally recommended that you stick to the outside bets, which include: red, black, high, low and even or odd.

You begin the Paroli Method by selecting your starting bet. If you lose on a spin, you will simply place that bet again. When you win the first time, you will leave your starting bet and your winnings on the table. After your second win, you do the same, and with each subsequent win you maintain the pattern.

Your chips will begin to build up rapidly when you hit a good winning streak.

In addition to establishing a starting bet from the outset, it is wise to determine how much you want to win when all is said and done. This way, you’ll have a number in mind, so you can stop playing and walk away from the table when you reach your goal and you’re ahead.

The Paroli Method in Action

Let’s take a look at an example of how the Paroli Method would work.

  1. You place a bet of one chip on red.
  1. During the first spin, the ball lands on red and you win another chip. You now have 2 chips on red.
  1. You keep both chips on the board, placing a bet as you wish. You bet red again.
  1. You again win on red and now have 4 chips on the board, which you will leave in play. You bet red a third time.
  1. The ball lands on red and you now have 8 chips. Your original goal was to have 8 chips so you now remove those chips from the board. You can begin playing with your original starting bet or walk away from the table.

Now, let’s say instead of winning in number 5, you lose all 8 chips. This may seem like a big blow, but in actuality, only 1 of those chips was actually yours to begin with, so you have only really lost 1 chip of your own money.

In actual practice, you may lose several times before you actually begin to win with the Paroli Method. As a result, while the biggest losses will come mostly at the expense of the house, you will normally have to lose many times before you reach a winning streak that allows you to quickly begin accumulating chips.

One of the most important tricks, is to track how much you’re losing on those spins in order to avoid going over your personal limit whether you’re playing online or in a brick and mortar casino. Some people prefer to look at the Paroli method as paying the bank upfront and then ultimately recovering their own money from the bank to keep things in perspective while they play.

The Basic Math of the Paroli System

roulette-successOne of the things that beginners struggle with the most with the Paroli method is knowing exactly when to remove the winnings from the table and start over or quit entirely.

Part of the decision is personal– someone who is risk tolerant and more after the thrill of winning big than making any income from playing roulette may want to play through more progressions than a person who is more concerned with winning throughout the night.

Ultimately, the longer you leave the money on the board, the likelier that you are to use it.

The mathematics will show you why.

When you are playing on the outside bets you have an 18 to 37 chance of winning, slightly less than a 50-50 shot due to the presence of the green zero on the European roulette board. The odds are slightly less than that on the American roulette wheel because there are two green zeros.

On a European roulette table, to determine your chances of winning each progression, you would divide 18/37 and multiply it by itself once for each progression. So basically with four progressions, you have a 5.6 percent chance of winning. Here is how it breaks down if you decide to bet 1 chip with each spin:

  • On your first spin, you have a 48.6 percent chance of winning and ending up with 2 chips
  • On the first progression, you have a 23.6 percent chance of winning and ending up with 4 chips
  • On the second progression, you have an 11.5 percent chance of winning and ending up with 8 chips
  • On the third progression, you have a 5.6 percent chance of winning and ending up with 16 chips
  • On the fourth progression, you have a 2.7 percent chance of winning and ending up with 32 chips
  • On the fifth progression, you have a 1.3 percent chance of winning and ending up with 64 chips

How to Use the Paroli System

If you are going to play with the Paroli method at a land based casino, it is a good idea to tell the dealer that you will be using the system and let them know up front how many progressions that you wish to do. This way, the dealer will simply leave your bets in play until you have completed your desired number of progressions, and you won’t have to worry about anything but keeping track of the wheel.

If you are playing roulette online, your bet will be removed from the board every time that you win, so you will need to put it back onto the virtual table yourself. Using your previous win information on the screen can help you quickly make the bet, or you can keep track of your bet on pen and paper if you wish.

To get the hang of how to use the Paroli system, you may want to try an online casino that allows you to try some free spins when you first register.

Using the Paroli System Long Term

There are no guarantees of winning with any one roulette method, but you can use the Paroli system as a way to improve your chances of winning. Keep in mind that the numbers discussed above were statistical information and not actual predictions of how a real game would progress.

If you’re looking for a simple, low stress way to approach betting at the brick and mortar or virtual tables, the Paroli system is a good method to use. Try it for yourself and see how well it works for you.

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